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B.Tech KNIT Sultanpur (Network Management & Ethical Hacking Training Program)

  • Vijay Krishan Yadav | Senior Software Developer IBM | Pune

I got to know about the program from my friend, As I was interested in Networking I too did this program - Network Management Course . Program was of 21 days, those 21 days were memorable with lots of studies and lot of fun & masti.Everything was very exciting there the classes and the fun after the class.First time in life we are attending classes to learn something and that too without feeling bored as Santu sir way of teaching was very interactive.Every sunday hacking shows with Santu sir were amazing. We use to start at 9 in the morning and ended well past 8 in the evening. In 21 days we came to know how Linux works and how we can handle a network. Not only studies we were taught to manage time, with networking I also learnt that "Time is Precious".If the class is at 9am, you should be seated by 8.59am - at 9 with you or without you they will start.Before attending this course i am among the last 5 ranked students in my college and after attending this course i am among top 5 students.i wish if I could did it earlier in my B.tech course but better late than never.The trip to Jaipur and Chokhi Dhani were amongst the best trip i ever had in my life.Santu sir is not only networking trainer but he is a real entertainer in all fields.After completing this course we used to solve each and every problems of networking.It helps in offcampus placement also.

BE @ Birla Institute of Technology Mesra Patna Campus (Comp Sc) , CCNA-Security,CCNA

  • Sirshak Das | Software Engineer @ Verizon Business

Well its kind off difficult to put into words of how my experience has been with santu sir I have worked with him for almost 4 months. Its been learning curve all along every second spend with him was learning something new be it networking or be it managing people. Although I was not his student let me rephrase that although I was not his classroom student but still I have learnt a lot from him. He is one of the most dedicated teaching professional I have ever met he stretches beyond limits to get things done for students well I have seen him do Linux installations for students late after class at the point of time where you basically tired beyond limits. Well that's the level of dedication he brings to the team and inspires people like me and also students to test there limits