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Network Management & Ethical Hacking Training Program

NetCamp: The only classes in which my attendance was 100%. I was half hour early and left 2 hours after class. The one program that had me put my 100 percent on the line to excel. Everything about the classes is amazing, be it the course material, its delivery to the audience or hands-on experience. Best part are the tests which are frequent and quick and require precision and insight into the problem understanding. Every bit of it comes into regular usage with my position as Full Stack Dev at SilverPush. Thanks to Santu sir and Netcamp for all this and i hope we make it large. :)

Network Management & Ethical Hacking Training Program @ LNMIIT Jaipur 2015 batch

  • Harish Kumar :2nd year Computer Science BIT Patna

To utilize my 2 month summer vacation, i enquired about the various courses offered on web development, java, android by other institutes . The average course fee for any ONE of these courses was about 8k (3 days in a week, 2 hours a day). But then the name NETCAMP came to my ears from a senior of my college. All the above courses combined in one compact package of 22 days for just 6500 bucks. The idea seemed awesome. I remember the first day when i learnt what is a LAN cable, and after 21 days of vigorous training, on the final day i was designing a virtual company of mine, with all its websites, mail servers, web, dns servers and firewall...Each day we went through 8 hours of classroom teaching, but never ever there was a moment when we felt tired, fatigued or unable to grasp the sea of knowledge that was being fed to us.. Such was the quality of santu sir who always maintained a light hearted n tension free environment around.. The best thing of this package which benefited me the most was the "Ten minute Ten marks tests", every morning sharp at 9am, which ensured that unlike other workshops, here the emphasis was not just on learning things, but also on its application in a challenging environment. The course is brilliantly planned with a jaipur trip included that fulfills the need of recreation along with hardwork. So, if you are a tech related guy, head to jaipur this summer, where in an enjoyable experience, you will learn loads..